Every Friday we made the 2 hour drive from our hometown of Knoxville headed towards Wilder, TN. We were headed to the cabin. The cabin was built by my Papa in 1996. He first had a vision that this would be a “hunter’s get-a-way.” After my Grandma and other family member’s visited, this quickly changed. We made it a “family get-a-way.” We would go with Papa every weekend to the cabin. During hunting season he would rise before everyone else and head out into the woods. When he returned Grandma would have breakfast on the table. It was a win –win for everyone.

My favorite memories were riding four-wheelers through mud holes, exploring caves, going to Tay’s grocery store to get a bologna and cheese sandwich, learning to shoot a gun with Papas guidance, hiking through the woods looking for snakes and other animals, and most of all spending quality time with my family. With no internet or cable this was the perfect setup for quality time with loved ones.

My Papa passed away on May 5th, 2007 after a few years battle with cancer. His vision for this cabin and land was that it would be passed down generation to generation. The cabin and land went up for auction in 2016 and I knew we had to have it.

Papa would want hunters to hunt the land, families to laugh on the back porch, children to learn how to fish in the pond, dads to teach kids how to shoot a gun and most of all for families to disconnect from social media, internet, and cable to spend quality time with one another. We hope you make the memories with your family as I have made with mine over the years.

Welcome to Papa's Getaway Cabin.

In memory of Billy Joe Laird – 9/17/1943-5/5/2007.